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Teens & Kids
Here's where you find information on how you should behave and conduct yourself during lessons.
Tang Soo Do is a traditional art and we try to carry the traditions on to preserve the art as we believe it should be. Obeying the following etiquette helps us do exactly this, and makes certain everyone gets the most out of the teaching.  
Students should do the following:
  • Bow, facing the flags, whenever they enter or leave the training hall (Dojang).
  • Must call all dan grades (holders of midnight blue belts) sir or ma'am, or in reference must use the prefix Mr, Mrs or Miss.
  • Must call or refer to 4th dans and above (holders of midnight blue belt with a red stripe) as Master, followed by the senior grades surname (e.g. Master Riley). Grand Master Hong must be addressed as such or as Kwan Jang Nim.
  • Must not chew gum in class.
  • Must not talk in line during the class. If there are any questions or comments, the student must raise his/her hand and wait for acknowledgement from the instructor.

Specifically designed to give women tools that they can defend themselves and their families and walk with the inner strength that this course provides. It will empower you with the confidence that every woman needs in today’s society.

Self Defense
Learn military and law enforcement type training to help you defend yourself and your family with a tactical mindset. Self Defense Program for Children, Teens & Adults. Learn weapons disarms, multi attack scenarios, joint manipulations, sweeps, throws, hostage situations, pressure points, unarmed non deadly force and extensive gun, knife and baton training. Fun & Exciting program for Men & Women!

Special Skills - Sparring-Breaking-Endurance
This class is designed to teach highly effective 1 Step, 3 Step and Free Sparring drills and Breaking techniques. It’s for all ages and ranks and will get you in good shape and really turn you into a good martial arts point fighter. All participants must have their orange belt and they must have sparring gear!

This class is designed to teach the Tang Soo Do forms which are derived from many sources over hundreds of years. They show relevance of all the fundamental techniques in a variety of applications.
Basic Hand Techniques - Hand techniques involve amongst others, a variety of fist and knife hand techniques. Each one has a correct form and application, and are used in blocking and attacking.
Basic Foot/Kicking Techniques  - Like hand techniques, foot techniques also have form and technique. Tang Soo Do places much emphasis on foot techniques and flexibility. They are also used for both blocking and attacking.
Stances  - There are many stances within Tang Soo Do, from the basic 'ready stance' through to those requiring more balance, such as the 'one knee' stance or 'crane' stance.

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